2nd Floor, SCM Jamaludeen Chambers, 4 Montieth Road, Egmore 600008 Chennai IN
Afton Fitness Equipment
2nd Floor, SCM Jamaludeen Chambers, 4 Montieth Road, Egmore Chennai, IN
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Afton Fitness has a network of service centres all over India. We have over 100 trained technicians with years of experience in handling every possible fitness equipment service issue. Backed with a huge inventory of spare parts we take care of gym equipment Annual maintainance contracts (AMC) of all brands of fitness equipment. If you have an existing gym that needs to be maintained, call us. We can not only fix the existing equipment but also offer a buy back and provide the latest Afton product. Our massive inventory of spare parts includes almost all the spares required to repair any gym equipment. 

Service Centre Numbers

Delhi     98993 55564

Bangalore  98803 57576

Kochi    77360 60170

Chennai 044 42148320/99625 24187

Mumbai   98190 82046

Dehradun 83848 61696

Bhopal  99771 59159

Pune       90042 57474

Kolkata  98400 81501

Vijayawada 99630 99199

Hyderabad 9395544337

Patna  8210554006