Monthly Software License Fee 99USD
Spivi 365 2.0 for up to 10 bikes

Spivi 365 runs virtual classes, scheduled to run automatically, guided by a team of virtual instructors from different countries in the world. It instructs your members just like if they were in a real class, monitors performance data, analyzes it, and displays a real-time interactive 3D scenery. Plenty of programs are waiting for your members to ride with.

Installed on existing equipment and compatible with most bikes and heart rate sensors brands, Spivi 365 collects data such as power, cadence, and speed from sensors on each bike and heart rate data directly from members’ heart rate monitors, combines the data with personal information it has on the cloud such as age, weight and performance history, and generates different metrics views and leaderboards, in real-time!

What’s in the box?

– Spivi 365 computer, installed and ready to activate
– Spivi 365 software license
– Controller
– ANT+ and BLE receivers
– Power and network cables
– Installation manual

What do you need to have in your studio before set-up?

– Indoor bikes equipped with ANT+ sensors
– Screen (Projector or TV)
– HDMI cable

What happens once you get the system?

Once you unpack, install and activate the system, we will help you with pairing your bikes with it and assist you to schedule a webinar for your staff and for yourself.


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