You have never trained like this

The revvll PRO rope trainer offers a training unlike any other training tool. It allows a versatile rope training with a 4 m long and 25mm wide endless rope against six different resistances. With complete freedom of movement you can train pushing, pulling, and rotating exercises that challenge your upper body and improve strength and endurance at the same time. You have never trained with a rope like this before.

The most versatile endless rope training

The range of exercises is only limited by your imagination. Wether facing the revvll or turned away, standing, sitting or in a plank – the revvll PRO offers countless exercises. Depending on the targeted muscle groups the resistance can feel harder or lighter. Since the revvll PRO can be adjusted in 6 different resistances, however, everyone will find the right setting for their training, from rehab patients to professional athletes.

Quality made in Germany

The revvll PRO looks simple from the outside but it took years of hard work to develop it.
The result is a training tool in gym-quality that is ready for daily use. To make sure the revvll PRO fulfills our high quality standards we have tested it in extreme situations. All parts are the result of German workmanship.

Push, Pull, Rotate

Absolute freedom of movement with the revvll PRO

Vergleich revvll ONE und revvll PRO

revvll endless rope trainer come with online-training


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