The PT Recumbent Stepper (4.0 S) makes upper-body only, lower-body only, and total body exercise available in semi-recumbent position to minimise impact on the joints.

Low impact for all users.

The linear resistance really helps to improve users'  arms and legs to gain critical strength and balance.

Maintain your desired heart rate

Heart rate-based programming is available at the touch of a button. Clinicians can assign their patients a targeted heart rate zone and the program adjusts the resistance accordingly to stay in the zone. A variety of preset programs gives users a number of choices for the type of exercise they are looking for.

The step ranges from 2.54 to 31.75 cms

The step depth ranges from 2.54 to 31.75 cms, which allows for shallower step as well as far-reaching steps. Step range of depth is equal and reciprocal from one foot to the other.

Adjust handles forward and backward

The accommodating handles are adjustable in length to fit a variety of users. Handle positioning is easily secured for legs-only, arms-only, or total-body workout.


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