Prokin 212 MF is born for a first evaluation step in a static position: the stabilometry. The system is an ally for evaluating postural control, the oscillation of the Pressure Center (COP) in anterior-posterior and right-left direction, as well as the area and perimeter of the latter.

The Prokin 212 MF system
Stability MF Stability is a 3-cell load platform that is sensitive and accurate in delivering motor feedback.
The dimensions of the surface (500 square mm) allow the user to position himself on foot together or on even feet.
But the system is also equipped with a trunk sensor, the TK Sensor, which adds to the stabilometric assessment the possibility of an analysis of the oscillation of the upper part of the body and its relationship with the Center of Pressure of the patient.





  • Display touch screen 20" with 1600x900 pixel resolutions
  • Adjustable display height
  • Static/dynamic platform with 55 cm dismeter
  • Support platform and assistance 110x110 cm, ground elevation of 23 cm
  • Trunk sensor for the posture
  • Wrapping upper supports
  • Step facilitation access
  • Trunk balance seat

Dimension Base: 1700x1200 mm H:1800-2000 mm
(Base: 66.92x47.24" H:70.86-78.74")
Weight 135 kg (297 lb)
Platform type Dynamic-static
Use Mono and bipodalic orthostatic and setting
Livels of instability 50
Movement Mono and biaxial
Load measurement 150 kg (330 lb)
Load resolution 100 g (0.23 oz)
Platform angles measurements +/- 15 °
Platform angles precision 0.5 °
Platform angles resolution 0.2 °
Trunk sensor angles measurements +/- 30 °
Trunk sensor angles precision 0.5 °
Trunk sensor angles resolution 0.1 °
Seat angles measurements +/- 15 °
Seat angles precision 0.5 °
Seat angles resolution 0.2 °
Sampling frequency 20 Hz
PC connection RS232
Electric supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.6 A
Absorbed power 600 Watt
Conformity Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee 12 months


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