GetRxd Quick Ring Strap

Quick Ring Straps provide the solution to the inconveniences that come with traditional ring straps with buckles. The dual-carabiner hook system allows for stress free, easy adjustments in 3-inch increments. We've done away with the traditional buckle design so there are no more pesky scratches that notoriously come with every ring dip session. The absence of the buckle also makes for a cleaner look, as there is no slack. Each strap is double-stitched for reduced wear and tear.

The straps measure 102" in length (8.5') when fully extended, making these perfect for short and tall rigs. Add on 1.11" FIG Wood Rings or 1.25" Wood Rings to complete the set!

Quick Ring Strap sold by individual strap. Purchase quantity of 2 for the pair. Dual Carabiner - Height Markings - Precise Adjustments and Eliminates Slack. Quickly adjust to precise increments with our Quick Ring Straps and Carabiner design! 

Note: Rings sold separately.

Product Safety Disclaimer:
It is the user’s responsibility to use gymnastic rings and straps in a safe manner. Note that improper use of the rings or ring straps may be dangerous.


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