Why use Deadlift Mini JAck?

Too often do you feel drained and exhausted at the start of each deadlift workout? Yes, weight plates loading can take away a huge portion of your energy & time, especially if you’re a serious lifter. Worry no more, as our mini deadlift jack offers the ultimate solution to this problem and helps you boost your PR!


  • Durability & Stability:

Made of heavy-duty 2 x 2” 11-Guage steel construction with powder coating, this deadlift jack is built to last. Jack’s post leg forms an angle with the floor, optimal for maximum pressure absorption and easy lifting using leverage physics.

  • Knurl protection & compact design:

6mm polyurethane padded hooking grip to prevent scratching to the barbell knurl. Measuring 27 x 6 x 14”, Jack is easy to store at home or gym. The compact and portable design saves space.

  • Solid steel handle:

Solid Steel Built-in handle makes it easier to lift/rack the bar with ease to switch plates.

  • Packaging:

Packed in carton size of 68 x 38 x 17cm. We provide door delivery anywhere in India, with transport insurance.

  • Warranty Information:

BullrocK Deadlift Mini Jack is covered by a 36-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

  • Deadlift Mini Jack Specifications:
Steel Used  2 x 2” 11-Gauge CR Steel
Product Dimensions 27 x 6 x 14”
Weight 5.64kg
Finish Black Powder Coated
Padding Material 6mm Polyurethane


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