Aspen Stair Mill


An Exceptional StairMill Designed for Light Commerical Use. The Ultimate Uphill Workout.

Stair climbing is the easiest sport that everyone can do.
With step training, it also achieves the effect of heart rate increase and much fat burning in short time. The continuous up-step sport is like mountain climbing that may train the muscles of buttocks, back thighs etc. Each step in stair climbing may develop the body. Therefore, the correct posture is necessary for each step. Straighten the knee with tight buttocks and foot stepped on stair. The upper body may keep straight and right above feet with stair training.

The muscle endurance of the lower body may be enhanced.
The cardio-pulmonary function may be improved.
The tightness of buttocks may rise.
The upper straight may be kept.
The fat burning may be quick.
The three-in-one effect of weight loss, beauty and health is available.
The training is adjusted to the most appropriate speed according personal interest. A very good training is possible with 30 minutes every day.

With the 3 built in major program settings, different sport settings are available according to required exercise time, required number of floors for exercise, and required Calories to be consumed.

It is suitable for the users of all groups to use with large LED screen for clear setting information and colored keys for easy discrimination and use.

It is like stair climbing and easy to use for our machine, which emulates the stair height to achieve the step height for the optimal body function.

It is designed for comfort and endurance with large non-slip handle according different user heights. It is under control by standing on the best position of the second step. The heartbeat data during exercise may be detected easily by the heartbeat sensor.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty frame built for year of dependability.
  • Electromagnetic braking system(no motor)
  • Speed Range: 30 - 120 steps per minute
  • Highly reliable step lock system with sensor/reflector
  • Contact heart rate monitor lets your heart rate be displayed as you exercise
  • User friendly console with LED instruction window that prompts you through every step in the program. Minimal key input required. Quick staert with one button.
  • For the most effective and efficient cardiovascular trainer, walk the stairs at ones own pace upwards;and it can reach the best effect without setting up fast speed.
  • Modern,professional, and thoughtful design: The assembly climbing slide angle is 30 with 6 stairs, so that user can feel more comfortable, fluent,and well exercised for the height of human body in movements which conform to humane and general moving habit


  • Product Weight: 101KGS
  • Shipping Weight: 112KGS
  • Dimension: 137(L) x 76(W) x 62(H)cm
  • Assembly Size: 123(L) x 66(W) x 170(H)cm
  • Power Requirement: 12V/AC/3A
  • Hight: 8ft
  • Color: Grey
  • Maximum User Weight: 120KGS


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