Leading-edge Functionality with Dual Surface Options
BASI Systems® Arm Chair Barrel Set brings leading edge functionality to barrel work! The orthopedic padded cushion is a curved design. The saddle flat-top accessory gives you the option to interchangeably select the most comfortable and stable surface for each exercise. With the F2 System®, springs can be attached at a multitude of angles and resistance levels for expansive and innovative barrel repertoire. Use it with the Ladder and Chair Box for additional F2 System® options!

- The Longest track in the industry offers new movement possibilities
- Premium comfort with orthopedic cushioning and nonslip antibacterial vinyl
- Saddle accessory gives interchangeable curved and flat-top options
- Platform folds out of the way when not in use
- Sturdy beech wood frame is hand crafted like fine furniture
- Prepared ports support the F2 System®, adding a finely adjustable spring system to barrel work
- F2 System® levers serve as handles to place shoulders and wrists in optimal position for weight bearing exercises


Arm Chair Saddle


Arm Chair Barrel Set width length height
23" / 58.5 cm 40" / 101.5 cm 37.5" / 95 cm


Arm Chair Box, Ladder (with Platform)
  • F2 System (for Arm Chair Barrel)
  • F2 System (for Arm Chair Box)
  • 2 Handles (Neoprene)
  • 2 Handles (Aluminum)
  • 2 Yellow Springs
  • 2 Long Yellow Springs


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