3' Extension Tube [Add Upright Height +3']: 3" X 3" Titan Rig

Get some extra headroom? Use this item to extend your 9' uprights into 12' or 12' uprights into 15' so that you can now add ring muscle up stations! 

Bolts into a 9' upright to change it into a 12' upright or a 12' upright to change it into a 15' upright

Only compatible with 3" x 3" Titan Rig Uprights

If you have a freestanding rig, you will need 2 extensions per ring muscle up station
If you have a wall-mount rig, you will need 1 extension per ring muscle up station

Comes with 4 straight brackets per extension tube.

If you plan to attach the A-Hanger to an extension piece (such as our 3' or 6' extension tubes), you'll need to have a crossbarpull-up bar, or elevation ramp attached to the opposite direction of the A-Hanger. 


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